Adventure Calendar
Adventure Calendar
Adventure Calendar
Adventure Calendar
Adventure Calendar
Adventure Calendar
The Thornless Rose

Adventure Calendar

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Preorder Boxes Due to be delivered in October. Any additional products purchased with a preorder will ship when the entire order is ready. 

Its nearly time for the annual festive countdown or count down to anything you like really.

Last year we launched an advent calendar for the Christmas season which seemed to go down a storm, so I've listened to some feedback and does some design based wiggling and they are back this year! 

So what's in the box?

4 full sets of 7 matching Dice (across the 24 days, unfortunately the new size boxes wont be big enough for a full set on the 24th like last year) 

3 surprise gifts ( surprises may include: Stickers, Keyrings, Adventure Map, Orphan dice)

One in every twenty calendars will receive an additional handcrafted D20 or D6 hidden in their windows

Last year I gave you the option to tailor your box to suit your favorite colours, styles, or Characters. If you want a little sway over the theme of your box please leave me some comments in the notes section at the checkout and I'll do my best to find something in our selection to fit. 

(Please be aware that if you give me the same description as last year there is a possibility of me picking out some of the same sets, if this is a risk for you please add to your notes the sets you received last year so I can try to avoid this)

What's NEW this year?  

To start we have a company printing us our own design on one of their standard box options, so your boxes will match the design shown above in black and white, with a foil accent for the central Rose and Dice motif.

The boxes are smaller, which should make posting easier to a lot of our international friends, and the boxes them selves slightly less cumbersome in your homes. 

I have removed any specific holiday or winter themed iconography from my box design. I chose to do this for a few reasons, but mostly because not everyone celebrates Christmas as a holiday.

This way you can count down the days to a which ever festival, or birthday you would like to even the end of exams. I'd love it if someone asked me for a custom box come valentines with 24 notes in each window for a loved one.

Size: 192x32.5x252mm approx. 

Calendar outer and inner trays are made entirely of cardboard and should be widely recyclable.

Made to order, dispatched as soon as possible.

For international orders we will aim to dispatch by October 31st at the latest to give a good 4 weeks to arrive in time for Dec 1st.

Any international orders placed after these dated we will endeavor to ship as quick as we can however we can not take responsibility for late delivery's/postage times.

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