GM Bribe Token
The Thornless Rose

GM Bribe Token

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GM’s and Bard’s get to toss out Inspiration when ever they like, ever want to slip your GM a little bribe of your own?

We’ve designed these tokens so you can do just that. 

Each token is 35mm in diameter and approximatly 4-5mm thick. Each token is a unique piece of art, even using the same colour combinations no two pieces will be the same.


All our tokens are moulded and cast by hand using a clear UV stable resin. Our resin may be UV stable however exposure to excessive UV may damage some of the colours and pigments we use. To preserve the colours vibrancy we recommend storing away from direct sunlight. 

For custom colour combinations please have a look through our other work or check out our instagram, and make a note of what colours you would like in the 'Notes' section at the checkout. Alternatively drop us an email/message to discuss what you are looking for.

(Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for custom orders we are a small team and will try to get your orders to you as quickly as we can.)