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The Thornless Rose

Mandala Leather Rolling Tray - Turquoise Highlight

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Do your dice love to run free, frolick and escape the table to land on the floor, and for good measure end up under the sofa?

Maybe you need a portable, collapsable, leather rolling tray!

These trays are handcrafted from 1-2mm Vegetable Tanned Leather. Cut, Embossed, and Coloured by hand. 

The tray lying flat measures:
Width: 6 inches/ 15cm
Length: 8 inches/ 20.5cm
With a 1 inch/ 2.5cm wide securing strap.

Choose from our bold rich colours finished with a Turquoise highlight.

We aim to have images as true to our colours as possible but some screens may vary.


We treat all our rolling trays with Neatsfoot oil to condition the leather before sending them out 

(Dice not included, but available under the Dice Tab)