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The Thornless Rose

Stonehenge Chonky D20 (30mm)

Stonehenge Chonky D20 (30mm)

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Rose Colour


These 30mm D20's contain an entire (miniature) monument of the ancient world.

How and why Stonehenge came to be in Wiltshire, and what it is for, is a still a topic of much debate and research. 

Whatever the answer to the Mystery may be these tiny replicas will fit in the palm of your hand.

Choose the colour of your Roses from Orange, Burgundy and Pink, nestled with green artificial mosses and lichens, with white gypsophila for a little contrast.

All D20s are uninked unless specified otherwise. Please let me know if/what colour you would like your critter to be inked from the swatches either via the notes at order box or via a email (please include your order number)  

Please Read Below Before Ordering:

This is a pre-order for a single 30mm hand cast D20. Each Stonehenge is 3D printed, hand painted and beset with flowers before being set in its own die as such no two D20's will be identical. I will be collecting an amount of pre-orders so I can Print, paint and prep enough Henges and then craft the D20's in batches. I'm running a pre-order on these to help me gauge interest and manage my work load. Depending on how many open orders I have it will likely take about 3 months ish for your order to be dispatched. I will of course aim to get them to their new homes asap. 

I will keep you up to date on progress via social media and of course let you know if for what ever reason there maybe additional delays. 

Thank you for choosing to adopt an Ancient Monument <3    






We use a UV stable water clear resin for all our pieces, this it to keep them looking as vibrant as when you receive them with out yellowing over time.


Our pieces are crafted using materials that are a similar weight or density to the resin we use or so light and/or small they should not effect the functionality of the die. 

Our dice are balanced for playing your favorite table top games, not recommended for high stakes gambling. 

These are handcrafted items as such every piece is unique.


Standard size RPG dice, approximate sizes dependant of style/shape:

Chonk D20 - 30mm Flat to Flat

Goliath D20 - 50mm Flat to Flat

Care Instructions

Wash with warm soapy water. Do not clean with Alcohol or other heavy solvent.

Store out of direct sunlight and away from strong heat sources.

We do recommend not letting our pieces live in full sunlight and excessive heat as some our resin, pigments, and colours may fade or be damaged over time.

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