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The Thornless Rose

Water Dragon D10 and D100 long V Earrings

Water Dragon D10 and D100 long V Earrings

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Aquatic turquoise, Gold flake, and boa constrictor shed. 

Hand cast resin D10 and D100 with sterling silver long V ear hooks, and rolled gold accents.

Here in our little studio, we cast beautiful unique works of art. We use a UV stable water clear resin for all our pieces, this it to keep them looking as vibrant as when you receive them with out yellowing over time.

However we do recommend not letting our pieces live in full sunlight as some our pigments and colours may fade or be damaged over time.

Sterling Silver will naturally tarnish with time, we recommend cleaning your piece with a silver polishing cloth, and to avoid using 'silver dip' or chemical cleaners on the resin sections of your piece.   



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