Handcrafted Dice

When is (X) set going to be for sale? 

If I have posted a Raw/Unfinished set of dice, straight from their moulds, I'm sorry but i genuinely don't know. It takes hours of sanding, polishing, and painting to finish each set/single. Setting release dates and times before the dice are made/finished adds a lot of unneeded pressure on myself. 

Please be patient, all sales will be announced via my social media accounts and our mailing list. There are only so many sets and single I can make, whilst also making, packing and shipping all our other stock and orders.  

Do you accept commissions for Hand Crafted Dice?

Yes! I currently have a limited amount of spaces for custom sets listed in both the handcrafted dice section and the patreon only section.

Are they balanced?

We do our best to make our dice as even and balanced as possible. However as they are all hand crafted and finished we can not guarantee every piece will be absolutely perfectly balanced. They are definitely playable, and any specific pieces that are overly bias or specifically Art/Display pieces will be written in their descriptions.

What are your Handcrafted dice made from?

We use a UV stable water clear resin to cast our dice, being UV stable means that it shouldn't overly discolour when overly exposed to consistent strong daylight. We do however use a wide variety of colours, pigments, and inclusions in our work that may be damaged by excessive exposure to UV/Daylight. We recommend storing our work away from direct sunlight to protect your pieces.  


How do you treat your Leather Rolling Trays?

We give all our rolling trays a nice coat of Neatsfoot oil after we have dyed them. Leather is a natural product and will vary from piece to piece, by feeding it we hope to get it to you nice and supple and ready for action. 

How should i condition my leather?

To look after our leather we use a combination of Neatsfoot oil or a lanolin and beeswax based conditioner. as leather is a natural product we try to treat and condition it with natural based oils and conditioners.