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Always Watching (Liquid Core)

Always Watching (Liquid Core)

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Ever get the feeling someone or something is watching you whilst you play your favourite tabletop games? Well if you have a set of these I guarantee you they are the culprits.

These lovely transparent lilac dice with gold numbers have encased a manifestation of a luck sprite, their ever watchful eyes shift to follow you across the table. Whether these sprites are a blessing or a curse you'll have to roll to find out. 


These sharp edge liquid core sets are made in a factory in China along with many of our rounded edge sets. 

Each set contains one of each: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and Percentile Dice and comes in a leatherette case. (The eye in the D4 does not wiggle)

By their chaotic nature when formed every dice is unique. We try to give a fair and accurate representation in our images but the colours and patterns may vary to those shown.

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