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Crackle Effect Glass Dice - Mixed Colours

Crackle Effect Glass Dice - Mixed Colours

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Beautiful mixed coloured crackle effect glass RPG dice set, safely packed in a hexagonal leatherette case.

Sets are mixed colours, not matched sets.

Glass dice are more fragile than resin or acrylic sets. I strongly recommend only rolling in a padded/ cushioned dice tray, rolling on hard or rough surfaces may chip or damage your dice.    

Made in China     




Glass RPG dice, approximate sizes:

D20 - 20mm

D12 - 18.5mm

D10/% - 16.5mm

D8 - 16mm

D6 - 16.3mm

D4 - 20mm

Leatherette Case:

H: 32.5mm

W: 98mm

D: 107mm

Care Instructions

Wash with warm soapy water. Do not clean with Alcohol or other heavy solvent.

Store out of direct sunlight.

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