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The Thornless Rose

Dice Explorer Sticker Pack

Dice Explorer Sticker Pack

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We don't know how wise it is to let Kobolds loose with a Printing press, but that's what's happened...

Dice and gear pack: 6 vinyl stickers
Show your colours and decorate your hoard storage, journal, or fridge with these fun little monsters.

Skull (Biodegradable paper)
Potion Bottle (Transparent Vinyl)
Mushroom (Vinyl)
Floral 6 sided Dice (Holographic Vinyl)
Flame 6 sided Dice (Glitter Vinyl)
Galaxy D20 (Glitter Vinyl)

Vinyl Material highlights:
UV Resistant
Clear, gloss finish
Suitable for use indoors
Resists scratches, water and from fading in sunlight
Can write on it
Freezer safe


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