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The Thornless Rose

Gelatinous Polyhedrals (Set)

Gelatinous Polyhedrals (Set)

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Oh what's that over there?!?

Just your dungeon variety free range Green Slimy Gelatinous Oozes.

Our little jelly friends are in search of forever homes and new adventurer's to digest (our supply of unwitting folk to feed them is getting a little low)

Our Cubes are two shades of translucent Green Resin, with a slimey shimmer, floaty wiggly bits, and a variety of unfortunate hand painted ex-Adventurer's, Dungeon Dwellers and their gear.

Hand cast resin polyhedral Dice set, who knows who or what you'll find floating in yours. 


As our sets are hand cast, sanded, and polished. Sometimes there will be minor imperfections, such as tiny bubbles or the odd mould mark.

In some cases our bones float a little too close to escaping and may have any tiny surface protrusion that has been sanded and polished touched up with paint. 

Pre-orders: Dice making is a slow process I will endeavour to get your orders to you as soon as possible, however please be aware this may be months of wait time. 

Sets may include non-standard dice shapes. Please add a note when ordering if you have a shape preference standard/nonstandard, inked (colour preference if not the standard metallic green) or naked.



We use a UV stable water clear resin for all our pieces, this it to keep them looking as vibrant as when you receive them with out yellowing over time.


Inking: Unless pre inked in the photographs this die is currently naked. If you would like your purchase inking, please add a note to your order in the cart.


Our pieces are crafted using materials that are a similar weight or density to the resin we use or so light and/or small they should not effect the functionality of the die. 

Our dice are balanced for playing your favorite table top games, not recommended for high stakes gambling. 


Standard size RPG dice, approximate sizes dependant of style/shape:

D20 - 20mm

D12 - 17mm Standard/Rhombic

D10/% - 15mm

D8 - 14mm

D6 - 15/34/37mm Cube/Gem/Sapphire

D4 - 17/30/27mm Pyramid/Gem/Crystal

D2 30mm

Care Instructions

Wash with warm soapy water. Do not clean with Alcohol or other heavy solvent.

Store out of direct sunlight and away from strong heat sources.

We do recommend not letting our pieces live in full sunlight and excessive heat as some our resin, pigments, and colours may fade or be damaged over time.

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