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Hollow Metal Octopus Dice

Hollow Metal Octopus Dice

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Metal dice are perfect for when you need a little reassuring heft to your rolls, this set however comes in lighter than you would expect.

With these gorgeous polyhedrals being hollow the come in much lighter than their solid cousins. A set of 7 these little octopi weigh in at around 65g with the D20 alone just over 10g.

We strongly recommend rolling these dice in a tray or padded surface for your tables protection and to prolong the coloured coating. 

These Dice are coated with a gold/brass finish, as the are rolled and played with the coating colour may wear away in time, especially with frequent knocking together.

Made in China     




RPG dice approximate sizes:

D20 - 23.5mm

D12 - 20.5mm

D10/% - 18mm

D8 - 15.5mm

D6 - 17mm

D4 - 19.5mm

Care Instructions

Wash with warm soapy water. Do not clean with Alcohol or other heavy solvent.

Store out of direct sunlight.

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