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The Thornless Rose

Mystery Raw Dice Set

Mystery Raw Dice Set

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The time is seemingly upon us, we've been trying to move house for the past 18months. Very soon I'm going to have to pack up my entire workroom and wont be able to work on anything new or existing for a couple of weeks (If you have an open pre-order I have factored tis time in to your order).

I've gone through my work boxes and put together bundles of sets and singles that are Mostly raw casts that need finishing.

To finish raw dice you will need fine sanding or polishing papers, a perfectly smooth working surface, and a dust mask. There are many videos on YouTube for sanding and finishing pieces.

Some are part finished, some are slightly imperfect many bundles have extra pieces, bundles will be randomly assigned to your order.

These bundles are greatly reduced in comparison to my finished work and my previous raw sales. 

A few pieces may have small voids but these should be easy to patch. I’m not offering finishing on these sets as I won’t have the time or space whilst everything is packed up for moving. 

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