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Purple Heart Hex Box - Floral Ghost (glows in the dark)

Purple Heart Hex Box - Floral Ghost (glows in the dark)

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Do you have a favourite or special set of dice that you want to keep safe in it own special box? or have they just been misbehaving and need separating from your good ones?


These Purple Heart Hex boxes have 7 chambers to keep your dice segregated and safe.

This box has a laser engraved Ghost with floral design, back filled with a Silver resin and blue glow in the dark pigment.


The hex chambers measure 23mm from flat side to flat side, and will fit most standard size/shape dice.

The Lid is secured with 3 sets of magnets.


Width point to point: 10.5cm

Width flat to flat: 9.5cm

Depth:  3.2cm

Box made in China

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