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The Thornless Rose

Red and Gold Floral Leather and Wood Dice Rolling Tray

Red and Gold Floral Leather and Wood Dice Rolling Tray

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Our collapsible portable leather rolling trays have proven popular amongst our customers, Some feedback we have received is that love them, but would love bigger or sturdier options too.

With that in mind we give you these wooden framed trays with cushioned leather bases.
The inner rolling area of these trays is 6inch x 6inch (external 7.5inch x 7.5inch) and approximately 1 inch deep from the base to the top of the tray.

The outside edges of the frame is made from pine and is either painted or stained.

The Paint on this specific design of tray is red acrylic around the top rim, and a black with gold shimmer on the walls.

The base of our trays are made in layers, the top layer is a gorgeous red leather with a gold floral design, and is cushioned with 2-3+mm of craft foam (depending on the natural thickness of the leather). The craft foam gives a nice cushioned impact resistant base to help protect more delicate dice. We use a layer of MDF hardboard to add support to your base, and finish it off with a layer of cork to protect your table from scratches.

If you require something a little bigger we can also create trays with a rolling area of 8x8 inches and even 12x12, depending on our leather stock level.

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