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The Thornless Rose

Wax Seal Letter Writting Set

Wax Seal Letter Writting Set

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Do you love the look and feel of a crisp wax sealed letter, but dont have the time, patience, <insert other reason here> to melt your own?

Well we've taken the ritual and potential mess out of perfectly sealed letters for you.

Currently we have 7 different designs of Seal available:

    • The Wyrm (Black)

    • The Harp (Blue)

    • The Crown (Crimson)

    • The Stag (Teal)

    • The Fern (Moss Green)

    • The Pheonix (Gold)

    • The Peacock (Purple)

Size: Approximately 25mm/ 1 inch

Our Wax Seals are stamped and set by hand by a small Uk family business, once each seal is set a 3M double sided sticker is applied to the back. Each seal has a tab to assist with removing the protective backing. 

As these seals are handmade, please expect there to be slight differences from seal to seal. The impression may not be precisely centered, as the wax will flow diffenently for every press. We aim for minimal bubbles and a clear impressions, but the ones that do make it through add to their charm.

Choose between:

  • A Mixed Set of, 14 Seals 2 of each current designs.
  • A Dedicated Set, 14 matching Seals of the same design.

Along with the Seals, in the writting sets you will also find A6 parchment style paper (20 Sheets) , and stylish black envelopes (14) to add a little drama to your letter writing. All Presented in a hand embossed Black Box.

(These are real wax Seals, please store them away from direct heat sources, Sealing Stamp and Quill not included)



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